Ben Colson Designs was founded in 2014 by photographer & all-round creative, Ben Colson as a high-quality supplier of professional freelance photography.

I strive to offer the best customer service I can & aim to develop rapport with each & every customer to ensure that they have the best possible experience when purchasing services. 

Whether it be workshops or photography services that you require,  I can help bring that idea to life.


Some of the things that matter to us.

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Where possible we aim to use sustainable materials to create our products.

UK Sourced

We only use UK suppliers & maufacturers to limit our carbon footprint, benefit the UK economy & provide high-quality products at affordable prices.

High Quality

We endeavour for all of our products & services to be a high-quality as possible.


We endevour to be open & honest with all of our customers & clients & will ensure confidentiality is maintained to the highest possible standards.



    We are the leader in construction

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