Frequently Asked Questions

Yes I am! Please get in touch with me either via email or by using the contact form on my contact page.
Please Note: I am currently otherwise engaged on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays due to part time employment and may not be contactable on  these days.

I tend to charge on a project by project basis but as a rule of thumb, my rates start from £15 per hour for small clients and £20 an hour for larger clients or projects. 

Please get in touch and I will generate a quote depending on project requirements.

Please drop me an email if you are interested in purchasing one of my prints.

My print prices can be found on my portfolio page.

I currently don’t have an online store but one is in the process of being developed.



Unfortunately, I need to priortise paid work and therefore cannot work for free under any circumstances. 

Please Note: “Experience”, “Exposure” & “Royalties” don’t count as viable payment methods.

I am happy to consider any collaboration requests but require a promise of paid work as “Experience”, “Exposure” & “Royalties” don’t count as viable payment.
Please Note: In the event of a large corporation, close friend or a well known person requesting a collaboration, I am happy to faclitate working together within reason.

I have placed a link to my Terms & Conditions on my services page.

Unfortuately, I am currently unable to facilitate anyone shadowing me for experience directly but am happy to put you in contact with people who may be able to help.

Adobe Photoshop 2020- Photo Editing/ Graphic Design

Adobe Indesign 2020- Brochure Design ETC
Adobe Illustrator 2020- Graphic Design
Adobe Premiere Pro 2020- Video Editing & Timelapse Creation
Adobe After Effects 2020- Video Editing & Timelapse Creation
Adobe Dreamweaver 2020- Website Design & Creation
Serif Affinity Photo 2020- Photo Editing
Serif Affinity Publisher 2020- Graphic Design
Serif Affinity Designer 2020- Graphic Design
Unfortunately, I am currently unable to offer any one-one tutorials or teaching due to other commitments.
Please Note: If you would like to learn, there is an infinite supply of online content that should help get you started. (This is how I learnt many of my skills)

I started learning my skills whilst at School, College & University and have taught myself a lot of what I know through online tutorials and a lot of books.

I source my kit from all over the place. My main one stop shop is the internet as you can usually pick kit up for a good price online. I also make use of small independent camera shops and local businesses.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer feedback on any photographs or design work that are sent via email as I have to prioritise paid projects.

I am, however happy for you to send me photos or designs via Social Media and I will try and critique to the best of my ability.

The one thing, I would request is that you don’t keep bombarding me with requests for feedback and would strongly reccomend posting your work in one of the many Social Media Groups.

Personally, I find that these groups can offer the best tips and feedback.

Unfortuately, I don’t currently photograph or film weddings but can design the stationery for your big day. Please get in touch for more details. (Designs for Weddings & Special Occasions are priced on a project by project basis) Prices Start at £125

I don’t work for any media outlets or local newspapers directly.

Occasionally, I will collaborate with the media & provide stories or photographs but I am not directly employed.