Landscapes Workshop

Do You Want To Make Your Landscape Photography Stand Out From The Crowd?

If you answered yes to the question above, the landscapes workshop is the choice for you.

Held at a range of locations across the Yorkshire Dales, the landscapes workshop has been designed to cater for photographers at all levels of skills and abilities.

A typical workshop will begin with an introductory briefing at the chosen start point, where an opportunity will be provided for you to ask any questions and enjoy refreshments before heading to the first location.

Once at the location of choice, you will have the opportunity to set up your equipment before the workshop begins. At this point, your workshop guide will answer any questions, help with camera settings & composition and advise on techniques where appropriate. 

Depending on the location chosen for the workshop, there is often an opportunity to fine tune your skills and techniques across multiple cascades as the workshop moves between different locations.

Each workshop lasts around 2 hours and will be fully guided by experienced photographers to offer the client the highest quality of guidance and tuition.

At the end of the workshop, there will be another opportunity to enjoy refreshments & all participants will be given the opportunity to debrief and feedback with things they have learnt and what they have enjoyed during the session. 

Ribblehead 3a
Brimham sunset
sunset 10s
Pen Y Ghent 14

Additional Information

£40 Per Person

Maximum 4 People Per Group

Under 18's are required to be accompanied by a responsible adult for safeguarding reasons. 


Participants will require their own transport for this workshop due to remote locations.


All sessions are fully insured and safety guidelines diligently followed.


1:1 sessions available upon request.

Photographic Equipment

Clothing & Accessories

DSLR / Mirrorless Camera

Essential - A DSLR or Mirrorless camera is essential for this workshop.

Memory Card

Essential - Feel free to bring extra memory cards as you are likely to fill them.

Remote Shutter Release

Advisable - Minimises risk of camera shake when taking photographs with filters & heavier lenses.


Optional - Filters block light to the camera sensor, enabling a longer exposure.

10-18mm - 70-300mm

Essential - Any lens with a focal length of less than 300mm is ideal.


Essential - Required to keep camera steady when using filters & heavier lenses.

Spare Camera Batteries

Optional - Feel free to bring spare batteries as you may need them if you take a lot of photos.


Optional - Feel free to bring a monopod if you don't want to carry a tripod.

Walking Boots

Essential - Please wear sturdy soled walking boots or shoes. Kindly no flip flops or sandals.

Thermos Flask

Advisable - Please feel free to bring a flask of tea or coffee with you as catering facilities may be limited.

Face Covering

Advisable - Feel free to wear a face covering if you feel more comfortable. (May be required in some locations).

Food & Drink

Advisable - Please bring something to eat and drink as there may be limited catering facilities in some locations.

Long Trousers

Advisable - waterproof / water resistant trousers are recommended due to unpredictable weather.

Waterproof Jacket

Advisable - British weather can be unpredictable and it can get chilly even in summer.

Hand Sanitiser

Essential - Please bring hand sanitiser and anti-viral wipes to clean your hands and kit after the session.


Optional - Feel free to wear gloves if you feel happy to do so. Please ensure you can still use your camera whilst wearing them.

Additional Information

Do NOT attend if you or anyone in your bubble have Covid-19 symptoms.

Please feel free to wear a face covering if you feel more comfortable. (Essential in some locations)

Please bring hand sanitiser / anti-viral wipes to clean hands and kit after the session.

Feel free to wear gloves if you feel happy to do so. Please ensure you can still use your camea whilst wearing them.

Please keep at least 2m apart from people who are not in your household or bubble.

You will be asked for NHS track and trace details upon arrival

Do NOT bring anyone else with you unless they have booked in online and recieved a confirmation email.

Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes to the workshop start location.

Additional Information


Ideally, all participants need to be from the same bubble or household.


Covid-19 regulations will be strictly adhered to and sessions adapted to compensate for the regulations. 


Do NOT attend the workshop if you or anyone you have been in direct contact with has tested positive for Covid-19.


Even if you test negative, it is essential that you do NOT attend and inform me as soon as possible so I can rearrange the session.


If you or anyone you have been in direct contact with develop Covid-19 symptoms in the two weeks prior to the workshop, it is essential that you inform me ASAP so I can rearrange the workshop.

Fitness & Mobility

The workshop session will involve walking distances over rough, undulating and uneven terrain.


Participants may be required to bend, crouch & kneel.


It is essential that participants can mover over un even terrain without assistance.


All participants attend at their own risk & Ben Colson Designs cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged equipment or injuries sustained through participation. 

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